Business Model

Developing Infrastructure for Low Carbon Energy

The Company is developing infrastructure for import, storage, handling, processing and distribution of low-carbon energy products and fuels.

Leveraging Existing Distribution Networks

The Company targets locations that are proximate to existing gas and power infrastructure and accessible to multi-modal logistics to enable distribution of low-carbon energy products and fuels via pipeline, water, rail and road.

Where possible, our projects are designed to leverage existing gas and power infrastructure for integration and distribution of reduced-carbon energy to global customers or supply-chains.

H2 Production

The EU’s demand for hydrogen will not be serviced by domestic production alone. The Company is initiating pre-development efforts for back-cracking liquid hydrogen carriers like Ammonia and eMethanol to Hydrogen gas.

The European Hydrogen Backbone (EHB) initiative aims to diversify gas supplies and speed up the roll-out of renewable gases and hydrogen in Europe.

Setting a goal to reach an additional 20 million tonnes (Mt) of renewable hydrogen – 10 Mt domestically produced, and 10 Mt imported – on top of the 5.6 Mt foreseen under Fit for 55, going beyond the targets of the EU’s hydrogen strategy. 

Development Timeline

The Company is scheduled to file all environmental and construction permits by Dec 2022, and anticipates achieving FID by Q3/Q4 2023.

*FID subject to granting of requisite permits and securing of commercial contracts.